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Clip-on Bridle with drop noseband

Clip-on Bridle with drop noseband

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Easy to put on, horse friendly design. 

This drop noseband briddle was designed in cooperation with professionals to ensure that the design respects the anatomical structures of the equine head. It is possible to adjust the size of the front of the noseband to make sure the cheek pieces lie in the correct place, not bothering the corners of the eyes. The drop noseband stabilizes the bit and is therefore a good choice for example for young horses. The click-on clip makes it easy and quick to open and close the noseband. 

Never overtighten the noseband in attempt to close the horse’s mouth while ridden. 2 fingers should always fit between the nasal bone and the noseband. Too tight nosebands are proven to be painful, restrict the movements of the jaw as well as swallowing. 

Size is especially measured for the avarage Icelandic horse. 

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