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Equigirth with Lambskin

Equigirth with Lambskin

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Life safer for horses with round bellies and non-existing girth groove!

In addition for an unfitting girth being uncomfortable for the horse itself, it can can create other problems such as pull the saddle forward while riding. This is likely to happen especially when the horse has a very forward girth groove, or almost no girth groove at all. The Equigirth finally offers a solution for horses like this, as the independently moving D-rings quarantee even weight distripution even when the stomach shape is challenging. This girth has been designed by professionals that put a lot of effort into research and pressure testing, to make sure that the end result is comfortable and of the highest quality. The lambskin bring extra comfort for sensitive horses and is good to have when the horses are for example shaved under the belly. 


Especially beneficial:

For horses with a forward girth groove

For horses with a non-existing girth groove

For horses who react when the girth is tightened

If saddles always slide forward on a specific horse


Breast plate sizes approximately:

M: for horses 33-35cm, measured from elbow to elbow under the belly

L: for horses 36cm and up,  measured from elbow to elbow under the belly


Girth leght: we always recommend the girth to be as long as possible, so the buckles don’t sit on the edge of the ascendig pectoral muscle. 

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