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Frost Equestrian 3-piece loose ring snaffle

Frost Equestrian 3-piece loose ring snaffle

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Loose ring snaffle for every day use, designed especially for Icelandic horses. The mouth piece itself was carefully designed in cooperation with professionals in the anatomy of the equine mouth. It curves around the sensitive bars, following the anatomy of the mouth. The short middle piece avoids any contact between the sensitive bars and the joints of the bit. 
The bit is especially designed for Icelandic horses, who oftentimes need a very thin bit to not have constant pressure from closing their mouth. 

Available in steel and titanium version. Titanium as a material is lighter and tasteless, and therefore more descreet to the horse. It also adapts to the temperature of the mouth. This can help sensitive horses to accept the bit. Titanium as a material is extremely durable. 

Available sizes: 10,5-11,5cm 

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