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Prestige X-D2 Free

Prestige X-D2 Free

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Unique design for shoulder freedom and support!

The X-D2 Free saddle from Prestige is really a unique saddle that was designed in cooperation with Mette Mannseth. For the horse this saddle offers extremely short contact area of the panels, which makes this saddle a must-have for horses with short backs. The panels are formed to clear the sensitive withers area and the trapezius muscle. The girthing system of this saddle is also unique, since it is not attached to the gullet iron and therefore prevents any contact or pressure caused by the iron to the horses shoulders. 

The seat has also unique design, as it has hollower areas under the seat bones of the rider, and therefore allows the rider to sit deeper and more balanced. The kneepads free the riders knee and give a lot of support. The seat is deep and gives much support to help the rider keep their position even on a horse with a lot of movement. 

Sizes available: 16", 17", 18"

If you're unsure what saddle fits you and your horse, we'll encourage you to book a saddle fitting with us, and we'll help you find the best fit for your needs.

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