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Tech Stirrups Silver / Titanium

Tech Stirrups Silver / Titanium

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We are proud to be a reseller for Tech Stirrups. Their products are always made from the finest materials, they are highly durable, safe, comfortable and look great! These stirrups are created with the slightest details in mind: 


The safety detail is one of the most advanced on the market. The outside of the stirrup stays closed while riding, and opens up in case of a fall to release the leg of the rider. It also opens up, if the leg of the rider falls through the stirrup. Then you can simply put your foot in the stirrup again and keep riding, since the stirrup automatically closes again after your foot is free.


The bottom of the stirrup is sloped 2,5 degrees, to encourage the heels to keep down while riding. This contributes to safety, since its less likely your foot will fall through the stirrup. It also help the rider to find and keep the right seat.


Everyone knows how annoying it is when you loose a stirrup in the middle of a pace sprint or in a competition... With the specifically designed grip bottom, the stirrup will have a more grippy feeling against your feet and it will be much harder to loose them!

Last but not least, these stirrups have a stylish look and they come in a variety of beautiful colors! They are made out of metal, so they will last long and also come with a 3 year warranty.

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