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Velicea Skóli

Velicea Skóli

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Quality saddle for a fair price.

 Skóli gives the horse a lot of room around the sensitive withers just like all saddles from Velicea. The panels are short and rounded in the back to also fit horses with short backs. The panels have wool filling.

From our selection Skóli is the saddle that offers the most freedom for the seat of the rider. This is a quality that many riders end up liking after trying it out. The deepest point of the sadde is slightly forward to guide the rider to sit in the middle, and to relieve the lumbar area of the horse from pressure.

Sizes available: 17"-18"

If you're unsure what saddle fits you and your horse, we'll encourage you to book a saddle fitting with us, and we'll help you find the best fit for your needs.

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